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Paddy Pre-Cleaner is a versatile machine specially designed for pre-cleaning paddy, our machines are specially designed to meet the requirement of both raw and boiled rice milling needs.


Paddy Destoner

Paddy Destoner is the most essential machine for any Rice mill, it separates all the impurities like dust, straw, sand, stones, clay, and any heavy particles of even and uneven sizes from paddy.



Paddy Destoner is the most essential machine for any Rice mill, it separates all the impurities like dust, straw, sand, stones, clay, and any heavy particles of even and uneven sizes from paddy.



Pneumatic Rubber Sheller \ Husker is the most important machine in the rice mill which is used to remove husk (shell) from paddy.


Husk Aspirator

The primary function of Husk Aspirator is to separate the husk from paddy. Our machines are specially designed with powerful blower which helps in separation process.


Paddy Separator

This machine separates the Grain Mixture which is received from Husker into Three Categories Pure brown rice Brown rice Et. Paddy Mixture Paddy with few Quantity of Brown Rice.


Rice Whiteners

Whiteners are specially designed to remove the bran layer without damaging the rice.The whitening effect is carried out by our specially designed, vertically maintained abrasive rollers in adjustable screening chamber.



This machine is designed to remove the bran layer without any damage to the rice. The whitening effect is carries out by our specially designed vertical abrasive rollers in a adjustable screen chamber.


Rice Plain Shifter

The main purpose of Rice Plan Shifter is to process the rice. We are offering a wide gamut of rice shifter legend that is most successful in rice milling process.


GrowTech (since 1983)

(One stop solution for all your Rice Milling Machinery)

Leading manufacturers of Rice Mills in India.

Checkout the video of our 8 Ton Rice Mill Plant.

Manufacturing Facility

  • We strongly believe in innovation and understand the importance of modernization to meet the industry standards.
  • Accurate design, Development, Manufacturing and Marketing advanced Rice Milling Machinery and provides Best after sales service.
  • Our manufacturing facility is constantly upgraded with latest machinery to satisfy the modern customer needs.
  • We use most advanced CNC Laser Machines, Bending Machines, Painting Labs, etc... to achieve maximum accuracy and corrosion free machines with great longevity.

About Us

History of GrowTech Machinery

    Our facilities includes

  • BABA AUTO MECHANICAL WORKS was established in the year 1975 as a machinery brand supporting automobile industry.
  • After spending few years in research and studying the rice milling challenges in several parts of India, our engineering team has designed and successfully launched our first modern Rice mill in 1983 under ‘Sri Lakshmi’ brand. It was instant success for its flawless design and remarkable performance.
  • After the resounding success of our Rice Mill plants, we continued to evolve with our innovation and constantly upgraded our machinery as per the market needs.
  • In early 2000’s we have successfully launched high capacity 4 to 6 Ton fully automated rice mills in the market.
  • In 2010 we have further expanded our wings, where we started serving international clients. We have our presence in 8 countries as of 2019.
  • In 2017, we rebranded our Rice mill brand as ‘GrowTech’ and introduces the most advanced rice mill machinery both in India and Global markets.

    Our Values

    Customer centric, Trust, Openness

    Customer Centric:

  • We strongly believe and follow customer centric approach and give utmost importance to every customer.
  • We treat each customer as family and suggest what works best and ensure they are happy.
  • Trust:

  • Trust has been one of our pillars which we built with our customers for over 3 decades and counting.

  • Openness:

  • While our machinery sales are important for us, what is more important for us is well being of our customers who seek suggestion for planning Rice Mill.
  • We try to understand complete requirement of customer, place where there are planning for mill, and based on our extensive experience we will suggest the customer what kind of Rice Mill will work for that market conditions, capacity of rice mill, etc.. There are many instances where we suggested not to proceed with proposal as it will not suit the market conditions.

By living our values for over 3 decades we have more than 5000 happy customers with majority of them coming through references of existing customers.

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