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Whiteners are specially designed to remove the bran layer without damaging the rice.

The whitening effect is carried out by our specially designed, vertically maintained abrasive rollers in adjustable screening chamber. The machine is equipped with powerful blowers which will create the needed negative pressure and finally the polishing is completely adjustable and controlled by most advanced adjustable screen holding mechanism.

We are one of the 1st company to design the rice whiteners which suit the India market and have a great track record of offering quality, elegant look, longevity, and value for money.

We use finest grade of raw materials and advanced technology in adherence to set industry norms. Our pre-cleaners are of high demand in market with 100% success with productivity.

Rice Whitener

We currently offer 3 variants of Rice Whiteners listed below

Model Machine Capacity Power HP/KW
GTRW-3T Rice Whitener Standard 3 Ton / Hour 25HP / 18.5Kw
GTRW-4T Rice Whitener Mega 4 Ton / Hour 40HP / 35Kw
GTRW-6T Rice Whitener Giga 6 Ton / Hour 60HP / 45Kw

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