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Paddy separator is a versatile machine specially designed separate the grain mixture which is received from Husker in to 3 different categories.

  • Pure brown Rice
  • Brown Rice & Paddy Mixture
  • Paddy with few quantities of brown rice
  • While the pure brown rice is sent to polishing section, the paddy and mixture will be automatically fed to separator & remaining 3rd part is again sent for shelling and reprocessing.

    Our Butterfly models are very advanced and completely automated with high quality sensors, which will not only ensure higher efficacy but also low power consumption. Machines are east to operate and low-cost maintenance.

    We use finest grade of raw materials and advanced technology in adherence to set industry norms. Our pre-cleaners are of high demand in market with 100% success with productivity.


    Model Machine Capacity Power HP/KW
    GTSP-2T Paddy Separator 2-3 Ton / Hour 2HP / 1.5Kw
    GTSBP-5T Paddy Separator Single Butterfly 5 Ton / Hour 2HP / 1.5Kw
    GTPCJ-15T Paddy Separator Double Butterfly 10 Ton / Hour 3HP / 2.2Kw

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